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The HCC is an Company shared and resourced by all countries, to bring people together as a way to promote dialogue between cultures and websites.We helps your company save time and money by giving you instant access to clear, simple, and trustworthy information.

Online Business Strategy Logic - Search engines marketing plan Advertisement Service

Happy Cat Consulting Online Business Strategy and Logic

Our Company Strategy. Happy Cat Internet  has had many years of experience in  internet research, design and marketing. During this time Happy Cat Internet Consulting has created its own internet marketing tool using our logic, reasoning and experience. We call it the AKNETS system.

AKNETS Internet Search Engine System Scheme contains more than 200 basic system schemes as well as providing  the ongoing support for future developments and changes.

AKNETS Net Analysis: In the beginning of  the year 2000 many experts were debating the long term internet marketing business requirements. Today it looks like we have a solution. Right now, those well targeted Homepages really are providing a great return on the Company Time and Money invested. The search engines Rank Strategy now gives clear support, data and feedback  for long term marketing systems like AKNETS. ( For example: Google , MSN , Yahoo , Altavista etc. ) Those companies who use AKNETS Net Analysis show a better rotation in the search engines after the critical search engines have updated. During the same period many well established sites just disappear  from the search engines.

AKNETS Advertisement Service: Those Companies using this kind of commercial service for some time now  have built up a big advantage. This online business advantage will continue to grow if they keep the same quality of service.



AKNETS Search Engine Logic : Our Company AKNETS Logic and reasoning gives the best results to target specifically what the customer wants. It is important that the online customer must have easy and timely access to all of the sorted information of what the product or service can offer.



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