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Being seen as a trustworthy company is more important
than ever but what does it take to build that trust?

We are in the new relapse stage. Welcome to the HCC. We are still a new test phase, which may be due to site occur in the vague language of the English text and unfinished business!

Service prices do not include VAT !

Internet  Consult  Plans for personal

and business use

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Usually company spend double money for Newspaper advertisements, save your money and use the targeted marketing product packet what we offering to you. That is a most powerful weapon  the internet marketing and this work around the World. That is the Future! And the Time is right NOW!

Why Do You Need Web Consulting? You need web consulting to get more return on your investment in your web site. We can help you to :

Make more sales Get more traffic from the search engines
Save on expenses Communicate more effectively Build relationships with customers, vendors, and shareholders Do effective market research Build awareness of your brand...
The list could continue on... it is only limited by your goals for your web site.

The internet is a new and different medium for communication and requires a different viewpoint and skill set to use it in the most effective way. We can help you outline short term and long term goals for your website and then set out to achieve them.
Your site could be working harder for you-
let us show you how!

For personal web site and small business incoming gross lass than 100.000 /year

Internet Consulting Plans 1A-v.5 - POPULAR!-

10 sites optimisation + 10 marketing pages
Submit service
Updates every 6 months
AKNETS system control


Internet Consulting Plan 2A-v.5 - POPULAR! -

40 sites optimisation + 20 marketing pages
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Updates every 6 months


For business company incoming gross more than 5.000.000 /year

Internet Consulting Plans 3A - POPULAR! -

200 sites optimisation + 100 marketing pages
Submit service
Updates every 6 months
AKNETS system control

www Plan 3B

contract with back link to our site.

Include see 3A



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