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Hungary is a heart-stealer; it will lure you back again and again to sample its rich wines, lounge in its thermal spas, gaze at its birdlife and make one more attempt to master its hermetic language. It has all the luxury of western Europe with a Magyar twist and at half the cost.

Its graceful capital Budapest has a lively arts, cafe and music scene, and is host to a range of cultural and sporting festivals. In the countryside you'll find majestic plains, resort-lined lakes, Baroque towns, horse markets and rustic villages.


Full country name: Republic of Hungary
Area: 92,966 sq km
Population: 10.1 million
Capital City: Budapest

People: 89.9% Hungarian, 4% Roma, 2.6% German, 0.8% Slovak, 0.7% Romanian
Language: Hungarian, German
Religion: 68% Roman Catholic, 21% Reformed (Calvinist) Protestant, 6% Evangelical (Lutheran), 5% other

Government: parliamentary democracy
Head of State: President Ferenc Mádl
Head of Government: Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany


GDP: US$134 billion
GDP per capita: US$13,300
Annual Growth: 5%
Inflation: 5%

Major Industries: Mining, metallurgy, agriculture, construction materials, processed foods, textiles,chemicals (especially pharmaceuticals) and motor vehicles
Major Trading Partners: Germany, Austria, Italy, Russia
Member of EU: Yes




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Republic of Hungary Information link


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