Science Directories



BIOSCI - Bionet Electronic Newsgroup -
Promotes communication between professionals in the biological sciences. Includes related resource links. From Stanford University

Bioresearch Online -
Virtual community for the bioresearch and life sciences industry featuring daily news, product updates, discussion forums, and online chat with information on manufacturing, technology, equipment, supplies, software, and careers.


Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Education -
Journal launched to promote educational aspects, with short reviews, preparation for lectures, seminars, student presentations and laboratory experiments from Stanford University.

Protein Data Base Educational Resources -
Directory of educational sites that are appropriate for many ages, including elementary and post-graduate students.

Tutorials in Molecular Biology -
Graphical demonstrations of molecular processes and techniques from UCLA. Requires at least Netscape 3.01 with Shockwave Plug-in.


Cell Death Society -
Lists of meetings related to apoptosis and programmed cell death. Includes contacts for membership based in Flushing, NY.

Emerging Area of Aging Research: Long-lived Animals with Negligible Senescence -
Article on centenarian species and rockfish project from Portland, OR.

Apoptosis Bioinformatics Database -
A resource for apoptosis researchers from The Burnham Inst.

Plant Physiology

Natural Environmental Research Council - UK -
News involving NERC, funding opportunities, details of NERC funded science and research centers.

Photosynthesis Center -
The Photosynthesis Center at Arizona State University is a multidisciplinary group doing research in several areas of photosynthesis. Also, links to many other related sites.

Utah State University Crop Physiology Lab -
The CPL is primarily funded by NASA and most research is dedicated towards optimizing the growth of several plant species, including wheat, soybean, rice, lettuce, tomatoes, radishes, and carrots for use in bio-regenerative life support systems. The lab is also involved in several non-NASA related research projects, including phytoremediation and phytotoxicity experiments.

Photosynthesis Chapter of MIT Hypertext Biology Textbook -
Basic introduction to plant photosynthesis, includes brief explanations of the biochemistry involved.

Associations Europe

The European Molecular Biology Organization -
Meetings, fellowships, publications, society news and information

International Union of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology -
Mission, organization, activities and other information maintained by the University of Bern, Switzerland

British Biochemical Society -
Meetings, membership information, publications

FEBS-Federation of European Biochemical Societies -
FEBS is the Federation of the Societies of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in 33 countries within the continent.

Association of Clinical Biochemists -
Aims to promote the advancement of clinical biochemistry in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.


BioScience 2005 -
Subtitled 'from molecules to organisms', includes lipids, structure related to function, cell signaling outwards and inwards, gene regulation, processing and interference, energy generation and ethics, education and employment. Five day conference held by the Biochemical Society in Glasgow, Scotland.

FEBS-IUBMB Conference 2005 -
Details of congress held for six days in Budapest, Hungary.

ISMB 2004 -
12th International Conference on Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology, with the European Conference on Computational Biology (ECCB), in conjunction with Genes, Proteins and Computers VIII. Held for five days at the University of Glasgow, Scotland.

Gene Expression

Genomes to Life -
The US Department of Energy at Oak Ridge program for research in moleular biology: goals and results.

Mammary Genome Anatomy Project -
Forum to integrate various aspects of mammary gland biology, including cellular and developmental aspects, and to promote collaborations and the exchange of ideas, knowledge and resources at NIH, Maryland.

Serial Analysis of Gene Expression -
Explanation of Serial Analysis of Gene Expression (SAGE), a method for analysis of gene expression patterns.

Gene Expression: Transcription -
Resource for transcription events during gene formation including schematic diagrams.

Gene Expression -
Independent forum for discussion of gene expression.

Genetic Code -
Wikipedia article on the relationship between the nucleic acid base sequence and the corresponding polypeptide amino acid sequence.

Transcription -
Wikipedia article: in genetics the process by which a DNA sequence is converted to a corresponding RNA sequence.

Bioanalytical Chemistry

Water Structure and Behavior -
The importance of water in determining the 3D structure of biomolecules, polysaccharide hydration, and glycosylated proteins and nucleotides. Maintained at the School of Applied Science, South Bank University, London, UK.

Clinical and Medicinal Chemistry

American Society of Clinical Pathologists -
ASCP, membership, Board of Registry, programs, publications and general information.

American Association of Blood Banks -
An international association of blood banks that supports high standards of medical, technical and administrative performance, scientific investigation, clinical application and education.

Duke University Medical Center Online -
Duke University Medical Center Online Lab Manual System. Enter a test name for normal values and interpretations.

American Association for Clinical Chemistry -
An international scientific/medical society of clinical laboratory professionals, physicians, research scientists and other individuals involved with clinical chemistry and other clinical lab oratory science-related disciplines.

UCSD Biochemical Genetics -
List of Biochemical Genetics laboratory services.

American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science -
The American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science (ASCLS).

Signal Transduction

AfCS-Nature Signaling Gateway -
Joint resource from Alliance for Cellular Signaling, featuring meetings, workshops, primary research papers, reviews, database of molecules and protein data, updated in Durham, NC and editorial office at Nature Publishing Group, London, UK. Full access requires registration.

Signal Transduction Knowledge Environment -
Resources in the field offered by Science Online. Requires registration, and subscription fee for most content.

Cell Signaling Technology, Inc. -
Phospho-specific Antibodies and other Innovative Discovery Tools for Cell Signaling Research.

Protein Kinase Resource -
Compendium of information on the protein kinase family of enzymes.

Cell Signalling -
Research focused on phosphoinositide 3-kinases, in lipid phosporylation within cell membranes. Phospholipids initiate cascades for cellular activities. Related links to groups at the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, London, UK.

Methods and Techniques Software

Folding@home -
It is a distributed computing project which studies protein folding, misfolding, aggregation, and related diseases.

Pande Group -
Folding simulations for fusion peptides, proteins and RNA with aim of predicting structure from genome by research at Stanford University, California.

Ghemical -
An easy-to-use molecular editor and modeling package with all-atoms molecular mechanics, reduced protein models and links to many common chemistry programs. Ghemical is released under the GNU GPL and includes source code.

IMB Jena Image Library of Biological Macromolecules -
Resource for visualization and analysis of 3D-biopolymer structures; proteins, nucleic acids, carbohydrates, and small molecule ligands. Combines experimental and computer generated models, maintained in Germany.

A free molecular modeling package for molecular mechanics and dynamics, with some special features for biopolymers. Distributed as source code and as binaries for Windows9x, Linux and Mac.


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