Arts Directories

Animation World Network -
Provides information resources to the international animation community. Arts. Features include searchable database archives, monthly magazine, web animation guide, the Animation Village, discussion forums and other useful resources. Animation Guide -
Keep up with developments in online animation for all skill levels. Download tools, and seek inspiration from brilliant online arts work.

Toonhound -
British cartoon, animation and comic strip creations - links, reviews and news from the UK.

History of Animation: Before Disney -
A short, illustrated essay by Patrick James on the basics of early animations.

Chronology of Animation -
Timeline of animated films and related events.

Animation - American and Japanese -
Dan Patanella's essays and reviews on over three dozen films and animated series. Also includes list of animation books, articles, and arts magazines.

Cartoon Research -
Dedicated To classic arts cartoons: past, present and future. Animation historian Jerry Beck offers a vast resource for cartoon-related news, commentary, information, history, booklist, recommended links, original title cards, and complete list of animated feature films from 1937-2000.

Don Markstein's Toonopedia -
On-line hypertext encyclopedia of comics, animation and other forms of cartoonery. "A vast repository of toonological knowledge."

CineMedia -
Film and media directory subdivided by categories. Film-related content includes celebrities, arts, movies, studios, theaters, organizations, schools, festivals, and production.

Movies Top 20 -
Lists links to several film sites, arts, with brief descriptions of each.

Movie Clicks -
Links to the official sites of current theater and home video releases.

Digital Media FX: The History of Animation -
Michael Crandol takes an exhaustive look at the history of animation arts and animators/visionaries like Max Fleisher, Walter Lantz, and Otto Messmer.

Spark Online: Only Genius Is Genius -
Chris Romano feels that the proliferation of Flash and other web-based animation technologies has not improved the overall quality of animation and cartoons.

Coobics -
Directory for cartoon, comics, anime, manga and game sites. Also includes message boards for conversing with fellow fans.

Enculturation: From Mouse to Mouse: Overcoming Information -
Essay by Patricia Pisters on the animated arts image and its changing relationship with the cinematic image.

Toonarific Cartoon Archive -
Expansive arts collection of toons from the 1950s through the 1990s, most with screenshots and description. -
Comprehensive cartoon resource, including a directory of cartoon links, chats, forms, games, clip art, merchandise links, and other resources for cartoon enthusiasts.

Cinema Sites -
Organized and annotated index of movie and television resources. -
Film-related resources, including reviews, trivia, quotes, multimedia, arts,  filmmaking, and reference materials.

Movie Theology -
A directory of websites that offer film information from a Christian perspective.

OpenFlix -
Listing of public domain films with descriptions, arts, and related resources.

Movie Target -
Provides links to official arts movie sites.

Cult Films -
Organized into categories with basic information and reviews.

Cinemaniac -


Arts Directories

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